Online Comedia Performance:

Crafting the Virtual Corral

in the time of Covid-19

Exploring the Archives:

Special Collections and the History

of the Spanish-Langauge Book

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Public Scholarship:

Harnessing Social Media

to Share Student Research



Early Modern Transatlantic Theater:

Reading, Writing, and Performing Comedia

on Both Sides of the Atlantic

(Washington and Lee, SPAN 397)

Survey of Peninsular Literature

(Washington and Lee, SPAN 220)

Introduction to Literary Analysis

(Washington and Lee, SPAN 275;

University of Georgia, SPAN 3030)

Introduction to US Latinx Studies

(University of Georgia, SPAN 2550)

Coming in Spring 2021

(Re)Envisioning Don Quijote:

Encounters from La Mancha to the Borderlands

(Washington and Lee, SPAN 397)

Literature and Cultural Studies

Language Instruction

Conversational Spanish

(Washington and Lee, SPAN 204)

Intensive Advanced Intermediate Spanish

(Washington and Lee, SPAN 164)

Elementary Spanish

(University of Georgia, SPAN 1001–2)

Intermediate Spanish

(Washington and Lee, SPAN 162)

University of Georgia, SPAN 2001)