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Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D. Hispanic Studies  

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CONCENTRATION : Early Modern Spain and its Empire

DISSERTATION: “Acquiring Language, Accessing Texts, and  Projecting Prestige: Spaniards Learning Greek from Juan de Mena to Francisco de Quevedo”

Directed by Dana Bultman

University of Georgia


M.A. Classics

THESIS: “The Lindos Anagraphe: ‘Forging’ a Heroic Past  in Hellenistic Rhodes?”

Directed by Charles Platter

College of Charleston

A.B. Classics, summa cum laude               

B.A. History, summa cum laude



Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish, Washington and Lee University, beginning July 1, 2019


Managing Editor, Bulletin of the Comediantes, University of Georgia, January 2019–Present


Editorial Fellow, Bulletin of the Comediantes, University of Georgia, January 2018–December 2018


Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of Romance Languages, University of Georgia,

August 2014–December 2017



“From Galeso To Cimone and Back: Classical Erudition, Etymology, and the Destabilization of Interpretatio Nominis in Decameron V.1,” accepted, Romance Notes, vol. 59, no. 3, 2019


“Fame and Greek Philology: Francisco de Quevedo and Vicente Mariner’s Reciprocal Portraits in Praise in the In regem solem ad Salustium Panegyricus,” forthcoming, Calíope


“‘Plinian’ Amerindians: The Classical Monstrous Races  and Textuo-visual Feedback Loops in the First European Accounts of the Americas,” in preparation



“Neo-Latin Poetry in the Ibero-Atlantic World: Forging New Connections,” Renaissance Society of America, Annual Meeting, Dublin 2021

“Virgilian Transformations: Literary Explorations of Power among Neo-Latin Authors in the Early Modern Spanish Empire,” Society for Renaissance and Baroque Hispanic Poetry, 14th Biennial Meeting, University of California, Irvine, October 2019



“Juan de Mena’s Omero romançado: On (Not) Translating Homer in the Court of Juan II of Castile,” Society for Classical Studies, 151st Annual Meeting, Washington, DC,  January 2020


“A Humanist Aeneas: Virgil and the moles of Greek translation in Quevedo’s elogio to Vicente Mariner,” Society for Renaissance and Baroque Hispanic Poetry, 14th Biennial Meeting, UC Irvine, October 2019


“‘Plinian’ Amerindians: The Classical Monstrous Races and Textuo-visual Feedback Loops in the First European Accounts of the Americas,” Renaissance Society of America, 63rd Annual Meeting, Chicago, Illinois, March 2017.


“Comparative Historical Linguistics in 16th-Century Spain: Pedro Simón Abril’s Gramática griega escrita en lengua castellana,” Society for the History of the Humanities, 5th Annual Meeting, Johns Hopkins University, October 2016


“Silkworms and Honey Bees: Pre-Renaissance Cordoban Poetic Identity in Juan de Mena’s ‘Omero Romançado,’” Society for Renaissance and Baroque Hispanic Poetry, 12th Biennial Meeting, UMass Amherst, September 2015


“External Possession in Spanish: A matter of pragmatics or construction-based usage?”12th Southeastern Coastal Conference on Languages and Linguistics, Georgia Southern University,

March 2015


“Obrero-poetas y producción híbrida según Nancy Morejón: La metáfora de poesía en ‘With Eyes and Soul: Images of Cuba,’” Carolina Conference on Romance Literatures, 20th Annual Meeting, UNC Chapel Hill, April, 2014


“The Lindos Chronicle: Strategies for Forging a Heroic Past in Hellenistic Rhodes,” New York University, Department of Classics Graduate Student Conference: “The Same Old Lies: Frauds, Falsehoods, and Forgeries in the Ancient World,” November, 2013


Auctoritas and Thaumasia: Phlegon of Tralles, Imperial Authority, and the Genre of Paradoxography,” Classical Association of the Middle West & Southern States, 106th Annual Meeting, Oklahoma City, March 2010



 “Academic Publishing Editorial Practices,” Workshop, Brown University, Department of Hispanic Studies, coordinated by Professor Laura Bass, February 2019


“‘Plinian’ Amerindians: Textuo-visual Feedback Loops in Early Modern Depictions of Amerindians as the Classical Monstrous Races,” University of Liverpool, at the invitation of Professor Siȥen Yiacoup, part of the UGA Franklin College-University of Liverpool Research Exchange Fellowship, April 2016



SPAN 3030: Introduction to Spanish Literary Analysis, Co-Instructor; Fall 2018,

I designed this introductory literature course (co-taught with Professor Elizabeth Wright, 50 / 50 division of duties). Responsibilities included: teaching, syllabus design, three writing and research workshops, and all the online assignments .


SPAN 2550: US Latinx Literature and Culture, Instructor of Record; Spring 2017, Fall 2017  

I  designed and taught this Spanish-language course independently, developing my own syllabus, selecting the readings, and creating the writing assignments and other evaluative materials, in addition to designing and compiling a course packet.


SPAN 2001: Intermediate Spanish I, Instructor of Record; Fall 2016

In introductory through intermediate level Spanish courses (listed below), I followed a department-designed syllabus while creating my own teaching materials; I developed evaluation materials in collaboration with fellow TAs for use across all departmental sections.


SPAN 1002: Beginning Spanish II, Instructor of Record, Fall 2015


SPAN 1001: Beginning Spanish I, Instructor of Record, Spring 2015; Spring 2016


FYOS 1001: Freshman Seminar: “Using Rare Books & Documents,” Teaching Assistant; Fall 2015

I assisted Professor Dana Bultman and special collections librarian Anne Meyers Divine in this course which explored the archival holdings of UGA’s Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library; I conducted a multi-week module on the collection’s early modern maps and geographic resources.


SPAN 3030: Introduction to Spanish Linguistics, Teaching Assistant; Fall 2014

I assisted Professor Margaret Quesada by administering and grading quizzes and exams and overseeing in-class group work during student discussion activities.


Excellence in Teaching Award, UGA Center for Teaching and Learning, March, 2017, awarded to the top five graduate TAs of the more than 3,000 at the University of Georgia


Dissertation Research Fellowship, UGA Graduate School, May–July, 2017, highly competitive fellowship


Nina Salant Hellerstein Professional Development Grant, Department of Romance Languages, March, 2017, awarded on a competitive basis to faculty and graduate students


Dolores Artau Award and Grant, Department of Romance Languages, March, 2017, awarded to top three PhD candidates annually


Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, UGA Center for Teaching and Learning, March, 2017, awarded to top 10% of TAs per department annually


Interdisciplinary and Innovative Research Grant, UGA Graduate School, April 2016, applied toward research in Spain


UGA Franklin College-University of Liverpool International Research Exchange Fellowship, January 2016, awarded to faculty and graduate students for a weeklong visit to the University of Liverpool


Willson Center for the Humanities Research Grant, January 2015, applied towards research in Spain


Dean’s Award, UGA Graduate School, January 2015, applied toward research in Spain



Founder and Organizer, Romance Languages Women’s Forum, August 2017–May 2018


Chair, Romance Language Colloquium Series Planning Committee, August 2015–May 2018


President, Romance Languages Graduate Student Association, August 2016–May 2017, (Elected by fellow graduate students)


Member and Mentor, Romance Languages Graduate Student Mentoring Committee,

August 2016–May 2017


Treasurer, Romance Languages Graduate Student Association, August 2015–May 2016 (Elected by fellow graduate students)



Website Design and Maintenance, International Colloquium “Manos Teatrales, Culturas Materiales: Los itinerarios de investigación de Margaret Greer” (held July 2018, Madrid), August 2017–Present


Editorial Assistant, Bulletin of the Comediantes, May–December 2017



Near-native Proficiency: Spanish


Proficient Reading Knowledge: Ancient Greek, Latin, French, German, Italian


Intermediate Speaking Abilities: French, Italian


Elementary Knowledge: Classical Nahuatl, Cusqueño Quechua, German, Modern Greek



John Carter Brown Library, Brown University, research funded by Bulletin of the Comediantes, February 3–14, 2019


Biblioteca Nacional de España, Biblioteca Lázaro Galdiano, Biblioteca de la Real Academia Española, and Biblioteca del Real Monasterio de El Escorial, research funded by the UGA Graduate School’s Interdisciplinary and Innovative Research Grant, June 1–July 31, 2016


Biblioteca Nacional de España, research funded by a Willson Center for the Humanities Research Grant and the UGA Graduate School’s Dean’s Award, June 5–July 31, 2015



Rare book and archival methodologies course: “Documentación y escritura: paleografía, diplomática y archivística,” Escuela de verano, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, July 2015


Paleography course: “Escrituras del pasado. Paleografía de las Edades Media y Moderna,” Fundación Ciencias de la Documentación (España), February–April 2015